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HMCS Haida National Historic Site offers guided tours of the ship, information about Women of War, and information about the Royal Canadian Navy. Haida is the name of the most famous war ship in the Royal Canadian Navy. It is classified as a Tribal class destroyer, for any of the history buffs or battleship players out there. Haida is located in Hamilton, Ontario and people visit from all over Canada to see it.

While at the National Historic Site you can check out the ship by physically climbing aboard and seeing it for yourself! Walk along the famous decks and imagine what it was like for the Canadian Navy to travel and fight alongside their fellow crew members. The ship was at sea for over 20 years and sunk 14 other enemy ships. The history is magnificent in itself, but the Haida is something to be seen in person. Luckily for us there are guided tours that will take you on an epic adventure throughout the Navy ship. You will see the rooms that the crew slept in, ate in, and spoke strategy in. The tour includes a walk under the decks and above for a birds eye view of potential enemy attacks.

The ship rests on Hamilton’s Bayfront, which is home to a beautiful park. A visit to the HMCS Haida National Historic Site is a great idea for a day out with family or friends. Walk along the water on a cement path, plan for a picnic in one of the designated picnic areas or set up a blanket on the soft grass, or grab a bite to eat at Hutches – which is famous for it’s old-school style fish and chips. Downtown Hamilton is bursting with activities and restaurants just waiting for adventurous people like you to come and visit. The Haida is only one of the many great things to check out.

Interested in a little something extra to quench your thirst for a good time? We have you covered! Come visit the HMCS Haida on Thirsty Thursdays for an admission price of a little over $20. Registration is required and everyone in your party must be over the age of 19, since alcohol is served on this guided tour. Thirsty Thursdays on the Haida are a great way to make your birthday or corporate party stand out from the rest. How many people can say they celebrated their event on the most famous ship in the Royal Canadian Army? It’s a fun packed tour that allows you to explore the drinking traditions of the Navy as well as get an idea for what it was like to live on the ship for longer periods of time. Book a tour today for parties of 10 to 20 people.

There are other party ideas available too. Check out the HMCS Haida website or call 905-526-6742 for more information about the special guided tours. We hope you have fun during your adventure through history on the Haida

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