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children's museum in hamilton

The Hamilton Children’s Museum is located in the heart of downtown Hamilton at 1072 Main St, E. It is a great place for parents to bring their children as it is cozy and welcoming. It is fun for children who enjoy playing with other kids and building things with toys. There are a lot of props to facilitate various activities for children within the museum. The museum is very popular and because of this we suggest calling ahead and asking if there are spots available. The admission fees will depend on how many children you plan to bring and for how long. Sometimes visit times will be limited in an attempt to accommodate everyone who is interested in visiting the museum on a popular day. Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay at the museum with their children. It is a great opportunity to turn off your phone and spend quality time together.

The Hamilton Children’s Museum is best suited for children aged 2 – 10. There is so much to for children to do at the museum that they can spend the whole day playing without getting bored. The concept of the museum is to focus on imaginative play, which can be difficult with all of the technology readily available from a young age. There are no TV’s and electronics in general are limited. Kids love to play at the Hamilton Children’s Museum and parents love that their kids are enjoying the time.

If you are interesting in visiting the Hamilton Children’s museum, please call 905.546.4848 to ensure there are spots available. Surprise your kids with a fun, new experience that will allow them to stretch their imagination and see what’s possible. As the saying goes, “Anything you can imagine is real!”. At the Children’s museum, the experience of imaginative play is turned into a learning experience. Kids will learn how to socialize better, problem solve, and improve their physical health all at the same time. There are emotional, language, and cognitive benefits to imaginative play that are healthy for people of all ages to experience. It is especially important for young children to have this type of play-time because their brains are still developing. An imaginative mind is a thinking mind and a child that experiences this type of play will carry on their learning experience throughout their education and career later on in life.

The Hamilton Children’s Museum  is the perfect place to help children better understand the world we live in and how to communicate with the other people in it. The exhibit in the museum features a ship, a dock, and a kitchen. The exhibition transforms into what you can imagine it to be. A large ship for sailing on, a dock for fishing, and a kitchen for cooking for your fellow fishers – there is so much to explore at the Children’s Museum in Hamilton. We hope you bring your family to the Hamilton Children’s Museum today to create long-lasting memories together!

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