Cool Places in Hamilton - Museum of Steam and Technology

museum steam technology

The city of Hamilton is well known for its factories and production processes. How do we go about our manufacturing processes and what kind of technology is used? There are the types of questions that will be answered at the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology. The museum is a national historic site and all Hamilton locals should visit it at least once while living in Hamilton. If you are interested in viewing the social and mechanical innovations of the industrial revolution you will definitely appreciate what this museum has to offer. Specifically, the museum showcases two 70-ton steam powered water pumps. This is a proud way to show off not only our innovations in technology, but the many brilliant engineers that have been working in Canada and in the city of Hamilton throughout history.

The museum offers tours and exhibits. As with most museums there are special events scheduled throughout the year that you can bring the whole family to. The Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology is a great place to bring the kids when they have a day off school – although maybe they will be done with learning for the week. Learning about the city of Hamilton doesn’t have to be a chore or feel like a task. The Steam Museum makes learning fun for everyone and we guarantee you will enjoy your time at the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology.

The best time of year to visit the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology is in the spring or fall when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. The historic house in which the museum is located is not air conditioned or heated, and so it can be uncomfortable in extreme weather conditions. This is the result of keeping the pumps operating smoothly and preventing future repairs.

Among the many social events you can book at the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology include weddings, birthday parties, field trips, and tours. Ensure to book your party in advance to avoid disappointment. For any questions regarding the events offered at the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology, please call 905.546.4797.

If you are new to Hamilton, a quick visit to the museum will give you a great introduction to what Hamilton is all about. At the museum you will find an old map of the city’s waterworks and you may even be able to find your own street on it. This is one of the fun and interactive ways to explore the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology. The machinery and engines at the museum are beautifully preserved and restored. You will feel like an engineer about to work on the pumps. At one time in history, this single water house supplied the whole city with water. Of course, at this time there weren’t as many houses in the city of Hamilton. We hope you choose to visit the museum and enjoy your experience. There are many activities for kids and adults will enjoy the visit just as much as the kids will.

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