Cool Places in Hamilton - Dundurn Castle

dundurn castle hamilton

The Dundurn Castle is a well-known tourist attraction in the City of Hamilton. Locals are excited to be in a city where a real castle is still standing. Technically, it is now a museum. However, in the 1830’s the Dundurn Castle was home to Sir Allan Napier MacNab and his family. It was built on a former military site and was funded by a rich and royal patron. When you enter the castle you can see furniture, pictures, paintings, and even kitchen utensils preserved in individual rooms that are roped off to the public. Although each room is roped off for preservation purposes, visitors can easily look in and imagine what it would be like in live in the Dundurn castle in the 1800’s. Fun fact: there were no toilets in the 1800’s.

The Dundurn Castle has received the 2016 Certificate of Excellence because it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the City of Hamilton. The castle was designated as a world heritage side in 1984. It’s not often anymore that you can tell people you have visited a real, standing castle. In fact, you can do more than just get a tour of the castle! You can book a wedding, birthday parties, corporate events, and other social gatherings. Unsure if you want to book your social event at the Dundurn Castle in Hamilton? Visit the Dundurn Castle website for a virtual tour and see what it’s all about. When you’re convinced you should visit the castle, call ahead and ask what time you can join a real-life tour led by a costumed interpreter.

Even more unique attractions at the castle include historic cooking workshops. In the 18th century servers were hired to wash, dust, and cook the meals. The workshop is about 2 hours long and it costs $25 per person (or per potential servant). Pre-registration is required for the historical cooking workshops and they require a minimum reservation of 15 people and up to 45 people. It’s a fun idea for a social event, birthday party, or school field trip. Book ahead by calling Dundurn Castle at 905-546-2872.

The Castle is closed in December due to the holidays and poor weather conditions, but opens up again in January through to November. The Dundurn Castle is located in the city of Hamilton on York Boulevard. When you visit, don’t forget to exit through the gift shop! You can buy mementos and books with historical information about the Dundurn Castle. At the gift shop you can also find delicious candy, unique souvenirs, and historical postcards. Like most museums and galleries, flash photography isn’t allowed. However, if you’re flash is turned off you are welcome to capture as many Kodak moments as you please. It’s hard to take in everything at once, so visitors often like to take pictures to analyze later as part of their research on the history of Dundurn Castle and the city of Hamilton. It takes an hour or two to tour the whole castle, so it’s a perfect afternoon adventure for you and a few friends.

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