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Lion in Hamilton African Lion Safari

Bring the entire family to the African Lion Safari for a fun filled adventure the kids are sure to remember. To sum up the experience of African Lion Safari in one word would be difficult, however, we think “wooooowwww” will do. Some amazing animals, which are usually found in the wild, are kept at the African Lion Safari and taken care of by the crew.  

Tours and presentations are offered during regular hours at the Safari. This makes the experience both educating and exciting. A Safari tour guide on a tour train or boat and see all of the animals up close can drive you through the reserves. Many of them will walk or run right by the bus windows. The more daring (but completely safe) option is to drive your own car through the reserves. Most people would caution you against this option, especially if you were driving through the areas where to monkeys are kept. They are known to tear off windshield wipers and even mirrors. So if you have an expensive and well-kept car, the tour train or boat is likely a better option for you.

At the Safari you can see over 900 animals including lions, cheetahs, monkeys, exotic birds, buffalos, antelopes, ostriches, rhinos, and more! The African Lion Safari offers a unique experience that you could only experience otherwise by travelling to Africa.

There are a few times of the day that are extra exciting at the Safari. For example, in the early afternoon you can catch the elephant swimming in the water for their daily bath. Wake up early to see the animals rise and shine before a big day of eating and relaxing. Along with the tours you can catch animal presentations by one of the trained professionals at the Safari. The most population animal presentation is the Parrot Paradise showcase of beautiful, exotic parrots.

Currently, the African Lion Safari is closed for the season. However, it opens up again in early May and stays open until the end of September. Ticket prices vary by season, but are cheaper for children. Visit the African Lion Safari for specific prices and plan your trip ahead of time. Unsure how to get to the African Lion Safari from Hamilton? The Safari is located in Cambridge, Ontario – which is only a half an hour drive from Hamilton. Follow highway 52 on ON-8 and at the roundabout, take the second exit onto ON-8. Follow Coorper Road all the way to the Safari! It’s an easy drive for an adventure the whole family will enjoy.

Exotic animals are closer than you have ever imagined at the African Lion Safari! Enjoy a brand new adventure and be sure to take as many pictures as you can. You’ll be thankful you did when you’re friends and family ask what animal was your favourite. It’s rare to be only a few meters away from an elephant or a rhino, so show off your adventure and visit again to create even more memories.

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